Life at EWU

EWU Spring Concert Series 2010 - The Makepeace BrothersIn the morning you're at class. Afterward, you grab a quick coffee with a professor, and she helps you find a new topic for your research project.

That afternoon you and your roommate borrow a kayak from EPIC adventures and raft the Spokane River. By eight o'clock you're at a Broadway musical in the state's second largest city.

Welcome to life at EWU.

At EWU you'll find more than 130 active student clubs and organizations. You can cheer for a football team that's been nationally ranked in the top five for the entire decade. You can sumo wrestle on the red turf during The Blitz. Or take part in Greek Week. Or volunteer with the Office of Community Engagement.

So many activities take place on campus that you can find free food every single day of the quarter. We even tried it just to prove it could be done.

And when you're finished with classes, fun, and internships, you join an EWU alumni family that includes 100,000 people around the world--and Eagles watch out for Eagles. That's just who we are.

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